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Storytelling has been the main source of communication since we lived in caves and sat around campfires exchanging tales.

Stories are fundamental to many things in life, such as the way in which we build a sense of our own identity, respond to circumstances and experience, learn about and adapt to new circumstances, and affect other people and society as a whole.

“Our sense of ourselves is based partly on the experiences we had and the stories we have told about them, and partly on the stories which other people have told us. In this sense we are stories! We are guided by our stories.”

“We have been absorbing stories from the moment we were born and it didn’t stop when we became a teenager or adult.”

Andrew Wright

With stories, we try to define and make sense of the complex world around us.

“All human beings have an innate need to hear and tell stories and to have a story to live by.” Harvey Cox

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Once upon a time copy

Once upon a time…

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