Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of Standardized Testing



It’s amazing, it happens every time you have the chance to attend the IATEFL Conference.

Once you start getting​ closer to the venue, you feel the buzz

Some early pics to share the feeling

And all the hugs and ‘hi’


Here I am at Sao Paulo international airport waiting for my plane to get to Madrid and then, another plane to Munich.

I left my house in Montevideo 8 hours ago.

Why spending a whole day travelling?

Nine years ago I sent an email to the BESIG coordinator at that time. I wanted to submit a proposal for the annual conference, but I wanted to deliver my talk from Montevideo, Uruguay. He talked to the conference organizers and I ended up delivering a talk using an Adobe Connect platform. I have been presenting at BESIG conferences since then; always from Montevideo, my hometown.

This year I am presenting as well, but this year is different.I am attending my first ever IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference.I am so excited!!

During these years, I have been part of the BESIG online team. We organized simulcasts of the conferences, online conferences, online workshops, online debates, the BESIG World Blog and many other activities.

Together with other BESIG members and committee members we organized lesson plan competitions, we designed online courses for TESOL EVO, selected applicants for different scholarships and endeveoured many other interesting initiatives.

I feel part of a truly innovative and global community of business English  teachers.

What else can I say ? I am proud to be part of this community and I am really looking forward to attending my first IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference face to face.

I saw a beautiful sunrise in Madrid

Now, I am in Munich. I arrived at the hotel 30 yours after leaving  my home in Uruguay.

Infinito abismo by @francosco98

img_5223Abismo oscuro y profundo, tanto que no veo un final. No me asusto, comprendo que la infinidad de la caida significa que acabare en el otro lado,¿de qué? No se, pero de tanto caer ya estoy subiendo.…

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Tomorrow, IATEFL BESIG is holding its first Online Symposium with an an exciting and varied programme of pecha kucha, webinars, and a Question Time panel discussion on the topic of business English in the era of global English.

BESIG is very proud to have presenters speaking from Japan, Russia, Hungary, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and USA.

The event is open and free to everyone.

You can register here and you will find the programme here.


In Montevideo, we are holding a Satellite Event to watch the Pecha Kucha sessions and then we will have a in-house training with Vicky Bertorelli

programme Uruguay




15 Paths to Professional Development for Educators

                      1. Read deeply Take any subject related to English Language Teaching – linguistics, pragmatics, theories of Second…

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First Day of Interviews at IATEFL Online 2016 and David Crystal’s plenary tomorrow

In Birmingham IATEFL SIGS held their PCEs today and IATEFL Online started broadcasting

You can watch a summary of the today’s interviews.

Tomorrow the openning plenary by David Crystal can be watched online
You can check your local time here 

Who would of thought it? The English language 1966-2066

Complaints about a supposed decline in standards of English continue to be made, with increasing frequency, in the British press. Although these are nothing new – as the long history of use of would of for would have illustrates – they do draw attention to the way we seem to be going through a period of unusually rapid language change. This paper illustrates the main changes in pronunciation, orthography, grammar, and vocabulary, discusses the chief factors involved – social mobility, globalization, and the Internet – and compares the changes that have taken place in the past fty years with those that are likely to take place in the next fty.

– See more at:

You can watch an exceprt from the signature event “A Question of Language” at IATEFL 2015

David Crystal