First Day of Interviews at IATEFL Online 2016 and David Crystal’s plenary tomorrow

In Birmingham IATEFL SIGS held their PCEs today and IATEFL Online started broadcasting

You can watch a summary of the today’s interviews.

Tomorrow the openning plenary by David Crystal can be watched online
You can check your local time here 

Who would of thought it? The English language 1966-2066

Complaints about a supposed decline in standards of English continue to be made, with increasing frequency, in the British press. Although these are nothing new – as the long history of use of would of for would have illustrates – they do draw attention to the way we seem to be going through a period of unusually rapid language change. This paper illustrates the main changes in pronunciation, orthography, grammar, and vocabulary, discusses the chief factors involved – social mobility, globalization, and the Internet – and compares the changes that have taken place in the past fty years with those that are likely to take place in the next fty.

– See more at:

You can watch an exceprt from the signature event “A Question of Language” at IATEFL 2015

David Crystal


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