“Business Storytelling: Helping BE Learners Create Memorable Stories”

The Business English Connection

Storytelling is one of the few traits shared across all human cultures. In the global business context, storytelling has become a powerful tool.  Business leaders use it to connect both at an intellectual and emotional level.

However, the strategy to create a business story differs from a regular narrative. As Business English trainers, we need to be aware of the organizational goals pursued through a story and the best way to build an effective discourse.

On Sunday 12th April at 10:25, I will be giving a workshop on storytelling “Business Storytelling: Helping BE Learners Create Memorable Stories” (exchange 6)

In this interactive workshop we’ll discuss the key elements to include when framing a story. We will create inspiring characters and learn how to build tension that engages our audience.  We will also analyse the linguistic and communicative features of memorable stories: sensory experience, discourse devices and type of language.

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