Inclusive Education

Education should be inclusive at all levels and ensure the access of disabled children and teenagers to the same general education offered to all. Their right to equal educational opportunities is our obligation as educators.

At the IATEFL Annual Conference in Manchester, I’ll be talking about what it implies and how we, English teachers, can create meaningful learning experiences for all.

(conference programme – my talk: Monday 13 April at 17:25 – Manchester Central – Central 5)

Many of us, educators, believe in inclusive education. However, it is very important to know what it really means and what it implies.
Despite the fact that this believe has been around for many years, facts and figures show that there is still much to be done.

Once we know, we need to have or develop the necessary skills and strategies in order to be able to implement it successfully at different levels.

  • Society – a change in mindset
  • Educational institution – a change in paradigm – an inclusive education project
  • Classroom – skills and strategies to turn this project into a reality

In this talk I will:

  • explain the global situation regarding inclusion in education and what the UN CONVENTION on the RIGHTS of PERSONS with DISABILITIES states
  • discuss the concept of inclusive education, its truly meaning, what it is and what it is not
  • explain what it is needed to be able to implement it
  • give some practical ideas on how we can design our programmes and plan our classes
  • go over some stories of success

The main objectives of this talk are to clarify the concept and hopefully help director of studies, teachers and all educational stakeholder overcome their fears by showing different ways of implementing it and sharing stories of success.

TEDx Ed Talk in Montevideo, Uruguay

subtitles in English will be added to the recording

Photography exhibition to promote the social inclusion of people with the Down Syndrome.


wdsd-logo-large (2)_2



TEDxEd Montevideo TEDx Event about Education in Montevideo, Uruguay

3 thoughts on “Inclusive Education

  1. Hello Mercedes,

    I totally agree with you, we don’t need a different curriculum to them. We need to adapt and include them in a regular classroom. They must have the same opportunity as anybody else. As Teacher and mother of an autistic child, I have the same issues that you have pointed here. We need to raise awareness about an inclusive education. Thank you so much. I will be in your presentation in Manchester. See you soon!

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