CEIBAL EN INGLÉS – a challenging and innovative English project in Uruguay

CEIBAL EN INGLÉS – a challenging and innovative English project in Uruguay

Ceibal en Inglés” is an initiative that is being implemented in Uruguay to teach English to state school kids. In this project lessons are delivered by an English teacher via videoconferencing together with the school teacher who is physically present in the classroom.

After the successful implementation of a pilot phase between June and November 2102, it expanded to 1,000 classes a week in 2013.

Now, Ceibal in Inglés is being implemented in almost 2,000 groups of different state schools throughout the country.

Rob Lewis, who manages the TeachingEnglish site, interviewed Graham Stanley, the British Council project Manger of Ceibal en Inglés in October. You can listen to it here.

Graham Stanley has been blogging about the Ceibal en Inglés project.  You can read his posts here

Jeremy Harmer visited Uruguay in August 2013 and attended a lesson of Ceibal en Inglés. He wrote a blog post about it encouraging the online readers to give their opinions and comment on it. Many interesting things were mentioned there, you can read the thread here.

Magdalena saludando

As English teachers we all hold beliefs regarding teaching and learning, the role of the teacher, the role of the learners and the role of the materials. We believe a successful teaching – learning experience requires certain ingredients. According to those beliefs we plan, we deliver, we evaluate.

What happens when we move away from the “traditional” teaching context? What changes? What remains the same? Are those beliefs still valid?

All stakeholders involved know there is still a lot to learn and to improve. However, we know, there are some crucial elements for the success of this project. Team – teaching is one; how technology is used is another one.

I have been coordinating a team of “remote” English teachers. Based on this experience, I will be delivering a talk at the IATEFL Conference in Harrogate. I will be sharing some ideas, some reflections and some questions regarding what ingredients are key for the success of this team teaching in a blended learning environment.

So, if you’re interested in the topic, you can join me on 3rd April at 12:15 in the King’s B Room of the Harrogate International Conference Centre.

Paul Woods, English Adviser from the British Council in Uruguay, will describe the main elements of the project, key issues and report on recent test results on 3rd April at 11:30 in the King’s B Room.

If you have any questions or issues you would like me to address, feel free to post your questions here.

Looking forward to seeing you in Harrogate!

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5 thoughts on “CEIBAL EN INGLÉS – a challenging and innovative English project in Uruguay

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  2. As an English teacher and former Magisterio student, it makes me proud to see this type of projects moving forward. I consider Plan Ceibal is giving many students throughout the whole country the opportunity to learn a tool that will help them and open many doors for them.
    It is so refreshing to see how happy the students are when they have a remote teacher teaching them. It is also very rewarding to be the teacher on this side of the screen.
    I haven’t had the opportunity to be part of this project yet. But from my colleagues’ experience, I can say I would certainly like to try this way of teaching some day!

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