“This is a living profession, a constant evolving profession”

Little of (or in) this world is plain black or white; it’s all shades of grey; there is no room for ultra-confidence.
Global ELT used this phrase to show an example of how the expression ‘shades of grey’ can be used.

Nowadays, with all the changes in technology and research conducted there are fewer certainties about how things should be done, how we can better help our students achieve their English communication skills goals.

Jeremy Harmer has been asking six key questions regarding the teaching of English in some of his talks

  1. Technology – Do teachers need to be competent users of technology?
  2. Error correction – Does correction actually work? Is reformulating or recasting a successful way of making our students’ English more correct?
  3. Testing – Is testing necessary? Does it have an educational benefit?
  4. Content Language Integrated Learning – Should we teach content, something interesting, and then, the language necessary to talk about that content?
  5. Rapport – What does good rapport look like in different cultures? How do we train teachers to create good rapport?
  6. Drilling – Is teaching through repetition back? Is it a good technique?

You need to interrogate what you do all the time? Question yourself.

Good practice? But how do you know? – this is a question he posed on his blog last week

You can find it here.


Next Saturday, July 27, Jeremy Harmer with be delivering a webinar in the IATEFL Adobe platform at 3pm BST – you can find out your local time here

‘Yes, but why do we need teachers at all’

We all think that teachers should motivate their students and help them to become successful learners – but what does that actually mean? And what is the balance of ‘the-teacher-as-motivator’, and the teacher who knows – and knows how to help students know?
Furthermore, in a world where people are offering digital solutions to learning problems, how has/will the teacher’s role change?

This session will look at opinions from English language teaching – and from outside the field – to come up with a new way of looking at how we can help our students to be more effective.

To join the webinar please go to http://iatefl.adobeconnect.com/jeremyharmer/

You do not need to register in advance to join this webinar, just click on the link above and then:

  • Ensure “Enter as Guest” is selected
  • Enter your name and country
  • Click “Enter room”
Jeremy Harmer - Mercedes Viola IATEFL Conference 2011

Mercedes Viola – Jeremy Harmer
IATEFL Annual Conference 2011


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