The power of stories

Jamie Keddie is the founder of Lessonstream, the site that was formerly known as TEFLclips, winner of a British Council ELTons award. His publications include Images in the Resource Books for Teachers series published by Oxford University Press.

Andi White and Kirsteen Donaghy interviewed him at the 47TH Annual International IATEFL Conference. He describes ‘Videotelling’, a technique which makes use of video narratives for teacher-led storytelling in the classroom. The video clip that he describes can be seen at his website:

Onestopenglish says about him:  “Jamie is an exuberant Scot with a seemingly endless supply of original and imaginative teaching ideas.”

Storytelling or videotelling can also be used with adult learners and with business English students as well.

These are the slides of a presentation I delivered at TESOL France in 2011: Storytelling and business English clients.

Rounding up this topic about vide0telling and storytelling, I’d like to share with you this talk by David Griffin, the photo director for National Geographic. He talks about how we all use photos to tell our stories.

Once upon a time copy

Once upon a time…


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