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During these two days of the Conference many interesting interviews were conducted by Andi White, Kirsteen Donaghy, Rob Lewis and Nik Peachey.

Here you can find the complete list of interviews.

Andi and Nik interview Carol Read

If you want to get involved in IATEFL, you should watch the interview to the incoming IATEFL President, Carol Read.

She talks about the Publications Committee and Conference Committee and the call for volunteers when more people are needed.

There are calls for volunteers and you can apply.

Rob interviews David Crystal

David Crystal speaks about the theme of his opening plenary, explaining its title (which some had assumed contained an error), more background on blends, and managing to summarise what inspires him in his life and work in just 20 seconds!

David Crystal talked about blends in his opening plenary; ungrammatical sentences that of course, we, teachers say are wrong. However, these are perfectly natural things that people say.

“Blending is a natural phenomenon that reflects the way you process language in your brain”

We need to get our students know that this exists and do not make them feel guilty if they’ve done it. It’s natural…

It’s a feature of spoken English, but, nowadays, it is also common in written on the internet.

He also explains why Barack Obama’s speeches are so effective.

“Language is the most motivating factor of all. Why? Because it’s always changing”

You can watch this interview here

Kristen and Andi interview Scott Thornbury

He is taking part in the English Language Teaching General Debate with Catherine Walter where they will be discussing whether or not published material reflect or not the needs of the learner.

He also talks about a new book, Meaningful Action, a collection of paper in honour of Earl Stevick, a proponent of the Humanistic teaching approach. He wrote a chapter on embodied cognition and talks about that.

You can watch this interview here.


Photo; Gavin Dudeney


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