VICKI HOLLETT talks about ELF, BELF and XXI Century language skills

Vicki Hollett is a prizewinning author of many popular business and technical English courses. She has taught English in Algeria, Japan, the UK and the USA, and trained teachers for certificate, diploma and MA qualifications. British by birth, she now lives and teaches in Philadelphia.

  • “You need to calibrate for the competence of the person you are talking to”  Vicki talks about how in global interactions among NS and NNs we need to find out how much the other people know about not only the technical subject matter but also their level of English so that you can grade your language accordingly.
  • Explore ambiguity; the real world is not black or white…
  • Some practical ideas for the classroom.
  • And what do learners need to be equipped with for the XXI Century? We have to focus on the 4Cs: Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity.

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