First Day of Interviews – Special Interest Groups (SIG) Pre Conference Events (PCE)

The first day of the IATEFL Conference has come to an end.

There are many interesting interviews you watch here

Eric Baber, Chia Suan, Neil Ballantyne, Nik Peachey, Gavin Dudeney, Ilnur Minakhmetov & Victoria Ostankova and Sirin Soyoz & Adam Simpson.

The BESIG Pre-Conference Event (PCE) was about English as a Lingua Franca with the following speakers: Chia Suan Chong, Vicki Hollet, Mark Powell and Koester.

You can watch Chia Suan’s interview to get the feeling of what was discussed during the PCE.

Chia conducted some ELF pragmatic research and she shares some of her conclusion in this interview: “Language is not about intelligibility, it’s about the impression you create.”

She also talks about practical implications for the classroom, how textbooks do not usually look at pragmatics or discourse and if they do, they do it in a very simplistic and categorical way.

Here I collected some twits from Vicki Hollet’s talk – thanks @chiasuan, @kit2kat, @cleve360, @bethcagnol & @jenverschoor

@vickihollett says we have a tendency to teach the black & whites and we need to explore the greys a bit more e.g. ambiguity

Most of the time we are not direct. How do we achieve clarity? @vickihollett is taking about directness and ambiguity.

Use of ‘Are you saying that…?’ could sound aggressive to NSs but could just be used to clarify meaning for NNSs

Facilitation payments’ meaning ‘bribes’ and ‘being selective in what he said’ meaning ‘lying’!

says that ELF users need  to accommodate by calibrating their speech like the way English teachers grade our language.

It isn’t the linguistic choice but the context & the status of the interlocutors that differentiate requests from orders.

Throw away formulaic decontextualized phrases &instead discuss the contexts in which they are used and how they are used.


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