Workshop: Storytelling in business contexts

In mid February, Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, the largest producer of mobile phones in the world,  chose to tell all Nokia employees a story.  He could have chosen to give them an analytical description of the threats to the company from Apple and from Chinese low-cost producers.  The story he chose to tell was called, ‘The Burning Platform’.  This was his version of a ‘traditional’ story from Change Management.
Stories and storytelling are fundamental to business.  In this BESIG session I hope we can share our experiences in using stories as key content in our English teaching.
I am far from achieving the status of international expert in this topic but I am obsessed by it and spend all my waking hours on it…some of my sleeping hours too!  And I will delighted to share what I know.
Looking forward to discussing these things with you.

Andrew Wright

This workshop takes place on Sunday, 6 March 2011 at 16.00 (CET). You can check your local time by clicking here: Local time

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