Workshop: Networking in English

            Presenter: Pete Sharma

“Have you ever wondered why some people are successful at socialising, while others are not? Last year, when my co-author and I  set about writing a business English book on effective networking, we analysed the factors which make a good socialiser. We needed to go far beyond the traditional areas covered by business skills syllabus (such as small talk) to study the inter-personal strategies used by successful native speaker communicators, as well as areas such as cultural awareness.

This interactive, online workshop will document our voyage of discovery by presenting eight critical factors which make an intermediate student a good socialiser and communicator. It will mention some of the unique features of Networking in English (Macmillan 2010),including the individual Social Planner, and offer a number of practical teaching ideas drawn from the nine modules of the book. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and contribute thoughts and ideas on building business contacts through effective socialising.”

Pete Sharma is a Director of Pete Sharma Associates, an organisation which runs training in educational technology. He is currently working as a Lecturer in EAP at Warwick University, UK, and is a freelance author and teacher trainer. He worked for many years in business English, and is part of the author team for Macmillan’s In Company series. He has written books on technology in language teaching, and regularly blogs and tweets on this area: His next book as co-author is 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards (Macmillan Forthcoming 2011).

This workshop takes place on Sunday, 6 February 2011 at 16.00 (CET).

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