Things that matter for 2011

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Take the time

As the old year is slowly coming to an end, some of us find this a good time to stop for a moment and think a bit about our previous year’s journey. Where it took us. What it gave to us. What it took away.
And then we tend to make wishes and resolutions for the coming year, focussing on things that really matter to us. Things we perhaps haven’t dedicated as much time as we would have liked to. Things that make our lives beautiful and ours. Things that fulfill us.
Check out the selection of 12 student poster reminders of Things that really matter in life. 12 reminders for the 12 months of the coming new year. 😉
The posters have been created by autumn 2010 VSS group within the Listen to the Walls Talking project.

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