As you are no doubt aware, this year’s BESIG (Business English Special Interest Section)  Annual Conference is fast approaching and we are pleased to announce to those who cannot make it this year, that we have organized an online programme of conference.

These talks will be simulcast live to enable an online audience to enjoy the sessions together with the delegates in Bielefeld. With the help of the moderators, online participants will be able to view and hear the speakers and their presentations and ask any questions they may have.

For details of the programme and information about how to join this conference online, please go to the wiki that has been specially set up for the occasion: http://ibow.pbworks.com

We wish you a very enjoyable and productive conference online.

Feel free to publicize the conference!

You can spread the word about this event posting to Twitter (#besig) and adding the conference badge to your blog, site or Facebook.

Remember to link it to http://ibow.pbworks.com


3 thoughts on “IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference SIMULCAST

  1. Dear Mercedes:
    How great to have this fantastic opportunity! It´s so important for us, Latin American people, who do not have enough resources to attend the Conference to have the chance to enjoy the sessions online.
    Thank you very much!

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