La escuela rural, un laboratorio de innovación educativa

No podemos seguir pensando que la solución a este reto pasa por más homogeneización. Al contrario, la solución pasa por poner en valor la diferencia. Por entender la diferencia como un recurso educativo. La única manera de atender el reto de la diversidad es con diversidad.

No sé cómo hemos llegado a concebir la disparatada idea de que una clase aprenderá mejor si todo el mundo aprende lo mismo al mismo tiempo. Como si una clase fuera una fábrica.

John Holt.El fracaso de la escuela. 1977

Escuela Rural: Recuerdos de Pandora. cc by-nc

Antes de seguir leyendo este artículo, cierre un momento los ojos y trate de imaginar un aula y una escuela tipo. Es muy probable que esa aula tenga entre 20 y 30 mesas, de color verde escolar, alineadas en filas, dispuestas de una en una, quizá emparejadas, todas orientadas hacia delante, hacia un punto fijo, probablemente una pizarra, a cuyo lado se encuentra otra mesa, algo más grande que las anteriores.

Si le pido ahora que me describa qué está pasando en esa aula, es más que probable que me diga que hay un grupo de alumnas y alumnos

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#IATEFL2019 overnight reflections

I should be sleeping, very early in the morning I need to catch another plane to get to Liverpool.

But I can’t sleep, I’m already in this pre conference mood.

In June last year. I received an email from the IATEFL president with an invitation; an invitation to be one of the speakers at the closing plenary. The idea was to try something new, an interactive plenary with a focus on ‘Future Directions in ELT’, to have four people making a wish, a prediction from different angles on ‘Teaching English to future generations’.

I loved the idea. I enjoy trying new things and challenging the status quo.

Since I live in the southern hemisphere and know how difficult it is to attend an IATEFL conference face to face, I really liked the idea of having an interactive plenary, one in which everybody could participate and have a say, including online delegates.

So, I accepted the invitation and started thinking about what I wanted to share.

I also loved the idea of a team of speakers, four of us from different countries and contexts, with different experiences.

We had many online meetings to talk, share and plan the closing plenary. The design process has been very enriching and fulfilling.

Now, the time has come. It is conference time, a time to meet many colleagues from all over the world, a time to listen, to talk, to share, a time to learn.

I’m looking forward to meeting many of you in Liverpool and seeing you at the closing plenary.

I truly believe in the power we, as English teachers, trainers, educators, have. Let’s create a bright future together!

International Day of Education – Día Internacional de la Educación

“Today marks the first International Day of Education, as proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly last December. This significant decision recognizes the capital role of education in “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

Without inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all, countries will not succeed in breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth and adults behind. We will not succeed in mitigating climate change, adapting to the technological revolution, let alone achieve gender equality,without ambitious political commitment to universal education. “

Ms Audrey Azoulay,Director-General of UNESCO

“Hoy se celebrael primer Día Internacional de la Educación, proclamado por la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas el pasado mes de diciembre. Con esta importante decisión se reconoce el papel fundamental que desempeña la educación en “Transformar nuestro mundo: la Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible”.

Sin una educación inclusiva y equitativa de calidad y oportunidades de aprendizaje a lo largo de toda la vida para todos, los países no lograrán romper el ciclo de pobreza que deja a la zaga a millones de niños, jóvenes y adultos. No conseguiremos mitigar el cambio climático, adaptarnos a la revolución tecnológica ni, mucho menos, alcanzar la igualdad de género sin un compromiso político ambicioso con la educación universal.”

TODAY I’m sharing a TEDx Talk I delivered almost 5 years ago in Montevideo, Uruguay, telling part of our inclusive education journey.

Feel free to comment and add more storytelling talks about inclusive education. (in any language)

Thank you.

Hoy les comparto la TEDx Talk que di hace casi 5 años en Montevideo, Uruguay, contando nuestro camino hacia la educación inclusiva

Pueden comentar y agregar otras charlas que cuentan las historias hacia una educación inclusiva. (en cualquier idioma)

Gracias y nos seguimos leyendo

On my way to the Global #EncuentroB

Do you know what #BCorps are?

If you don’t, you can watch this video B Corp Anthem 2018

4D Content English, the company I founded and have been leading for a while, has been a Certified B Corp for a year.

Since then, we participated in the Encuentro B in Sao Paulo last year and I joined the executive committee of Sistema B Uruguay.

This year B Lab’s Global Network is hosting the Global Partner Assembly, in conjunction with the Encuentro+B in Frutillar/Puerto Varas, Chile.

You can read about this event here (in Spanish)

Really looking forward to it

Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of Standardized Testing


Today I attended the IATEFL IP & SEN SIG first PCE event.

There was a quite a diverse range of talks and exchanges, from more personal to more academic, from quite different perspectives and experiences from different countries.

I would like to share some phrases, stories, images from a great day of talks:

“It is not us and them – we are all special – we are all with special needs”






“The language of inclusive Education – accessible, engaging and appropriate to every learner in the group.”
“Use something to describe the person not saying what he or she is.”
“We all have different ways of learning, we all have special needs.”


“Part of the problem is the school system and classroom, it is not a problem of the teacher.”







All the slides will be made available at the IP&SEN website.

Thanks to all the presenters and organizers!!


It’s amazing, it happens every time you have the chance to attend the IATEFL Conference.

Once you start getting​ closer to the venue, you feel the buzz

Some early pics to share the feeling

And all the hugs and ‘hi’